Weather Forcaqst:

By Friendly Stranger

Weather forecast for tonight: dark.


Good Health!

By Friendly Stranger

"Good health" is merely the slowest rate at which one can die.


Greatest Feeling!

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Flying is the second greatest feeling you can have.  The greatest feeling?
Landing... Landing is the greatest feeling you can have.


Used paint!

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I bought some used paint. It was in the shape of a house.
-- Steven Wright


Reverse side!

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The reverse side also has a reverse side. 
-- Japanese proverb


I'm back!

By Friendly Stranger

It has been a long judaii since I took a break from blogging. I had an intention of prioritizing the stuff in my hand and I felt like blogging was way behind in the list. But I was wrong! I failed to understand a simple principle that nothing can be as important as expressing yourself! I missed the very vital thing by going away from blogsville which turned out to be going away from myself. So here I'm! Back in my own shoes....back to happyness.....back to life and back to the service of this wonderful space with wonderful people around!
I've something to tell. This is not something I inherited from somebody else. This is truely my own. I'd been to my doctor today. To my surprise, he has asked me to go through some tests which are not common to common guy like me. He suspects it's hypertension or it could also be a damage to kidney or it could be nothing. This is neither a bollywood flick nor something I'm jotting down to see the number of visitors to my blog shooting up. For my doctor, this could be a normal thing but for me this is a life-altering experience.
I've had a wonderful life and still having it. 176 cms and 66 kgs is not something one would widen his/ her eyes at. I'm one of those guys who proudly present Body type: Atheletic, smoking:no, drinking: no on my orkut profile and so is it. Good sense of humor and love to laugh are some points I would surely keep at the beginning in the list if somebody asks me to paint my picture. Jolly good fella is something everyone thinks and would think about me and I too am not an exception to that.
Isn't the equation hypertensed mayur sound odd or exagerated? At first, it sounded to me like a song on a planet 3000 light years apart. But few hours past, after a great deal of head scratching, I know the equation could be as perfect as german manufacturing or as perfect as cover drive from Dravid.
Apart from body type, there is also a filed named food on my orkut profile which about variety of food I like and how proud I'm about being gluttonous. This is the catch. I just got to know that the average age at which a person gets exposed to hypertension is around 47 years(Thanks to google). This means I beated the average by 24 years. This may mean I consumed in 23 years of my life what people usually take 47 years to consume. Or this may mean somebody got exposed to hypertension @ 71 to keep the average balanced. This could mean that I would have to be on balancing medication for rest of my life. Or, as I said this could mean nothing.
This is kind of butterfly effect. I kept on exploiting my tasting senses thinking that it won't harm me as far as it doesn't add to my weight. I could be wrong......
If it turns out to be a damage to kidney, I'm sure somebody else would be always ready to pay for my mistakes if they get a chance to do so. And they would be none other than my parents. Pray that it won't happen.
If it means nothing, the efforts I put on CAT and MBA admission test preperation over last few months would yield a result.
That's it! I didn't want to make a sad comeback and I don't want you people to take sad things out of this. I'm writing this purely with a hope that my experience could stimulate someone change the way as it did to me.
So chill tests are due today......whatever the result may be, I'm glad this experience has made me think seriously about my life.
See you buddies!


On Break!

By Friendly Stranger

Dear bloggies,

I consider all of you among my best buddies. You are the ones who let me open my mind which I can't do before my real time buddies.
But, But, It's the time to take a break from blogging. My schedule has turned out to be quite demanding as I'm going through a lot of things ranging from GMAT prep, Job, admission stratagy and some personal matters.
I would take out time to have a Blog Katta periodically but please excuse me as I won't be blogging much....
It's one of the toughest moments of my life Kyonki Raat ke baad hi savera hota hai.....
Thanks for your kind support and the great bond we share....It would be a hard time without you people...:(


How did I became blogger?

By Friendly Stranger

Well, I don't have any typical i-wanna-express-myself kind of a story. I was curious about blogging and tried my hands on blogging a couple of times but soon I ran out of heat.
Then came linq which took me back to blogging and yipe!!!!!!!!!! I'm loving it! So check out and do let me know your feedback. It's my child!


Guten Morgan!

By Friendly Stranger

After a weeks break from daily stuff(including blogging), a lot of time with family and friends and some thrilling experiences, I'm back to rock!
I was a bit nervous on my career front but I'm alright now....
Went on a couple of treks and mountain biking stints....Went to my hometown to see my friends and family...met special someone.....I guess these all things act like medicine when I'm down...
I apologize for not visiting your blogs for past one week...
Wish you all a very happy blogging and I'm here to stay!


A new awekening!

By Friendly Stranger

In a party, if only your plate is empty then chances are you are going to get something better than others!
That's what popping into my mind from last few days. I made it to the Company sponsorship round for a top corporate management training centrer. I was supposed to face 8 companies but I got a chance to be interviewed by just one just because of my IT background.
I messed up the sole interview I got with pressure rising and frustration playing it's game.
No need to mention, I failed to make it......
This was the last chance for me to into a B-school this year....Need to wait for one more year then.....



After a series of quotable quotes, I felt I wanted to bare my mind.....
Last few days were pretty busy for me as I was going through a lot of complementary psychotherapy (I mean a great deal of thinking!). I am pretty serious these days with my career thing. (Especially when I calculate the number of years *read incarnations* it will take for me to buy a house in Mumbai considering my pretty bank statements !).
So I decided to come up with something light and crispy. They say that the one who can laugh at himself is the happiest person in the world so I decided to write about what I am- An IT professional. While looking out for a name for this series, many people around insisted me to start it with K as it's a good sign so here comes Koding kaa mara- A brand new soap on the blogsville(Wouldn't last for years and generations though!)


I agree that being an IT professional pays good enough to have a cricket team of kids(All I mean to say is IT guys earn more than enough to feed their family!*Girls out there, I'm not married yet. Forget about my kids!*) but when you relocate to a city like Mumbai, read about growing inflation everyday in newspapers, see the shaky picture of IT companies and hear heavily crafted words like downsizing, you are left with only 3 options:-
1) Go through classifieds daily to find out if some rich-dad is willing to adopt a son!

2) Look for a rich willing-to-be dad-in-law first and keep trying for his daughter!

3) Get an MBA....(I have started writting my surname as $ontakke instead of Sontakke since the time I started thinking of an MBA! LOL)

First option:-

I started my gold-rush a few days back. People around me started wondering how come I started reading 6 newspapers a day out of the blue? I don't care....
So I got 3 big shot people willing to adopt a son to look at their business empire....I called all of them and fixed my appointments...
Being big-shots, google had all the information about them popping up just after some finger-keyboard intimacy and a mouse click!
Again, being an IT professional, I'm so good at so-called customization that I chose a different way to present myself before everyone of the 3 depending on their Requirements ..(Err....preferances! IT sucks!)
So there I was, ready for my first interaction. I went to meet him(again, being an IT guy, I'm pro at interviews! LOL). Watchman asked me to have a sit on the bench in the garden. (Yahaan bhi bench?) I saw 4 other IT guys out there. I was curious if the wannabe father is looking for pandavas! We pandavas started talking about softwares, outsourcing, platforms, codes and gadgets instead of bow and arrow....(Surprisingly there was no Non-IT guy lined up to change his surname...I guess guys other than IT ones are just fine with it!). The gorgeous secretary of dear papa walked in and apologized for our rejection! (Guess they have this 60% criteria here too!) What a rude shock! Felt like windows crashed while preparing a project report! She clarified that the big daddy is not willing to adopt a son from IT background as he is afraid of attrition. Who knows, one day, his adopted son will run away to another daddy after claiming rights on big daddy's wealth (surname attrition!) like microsoft claims that open source technologies violates it's patents.
I thought I still had 2 chances and 2 more options as well.........

So guys, keep reading for more fun......picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!

P.S -> This is an imaginary flick so take it lightly. I'm sure NASSCOM will sue me for this! LOL. I pre-apologize if somebody feels it's too personal(After long hours of work under a skeptical boss, I can understand IT guys are the most emotional and depressed species in this world! LOL....). The aim of this series is to have enjoy!


Life is like a book!

By Friendly Stranger

Sometimes, life is like a book. You can get so desperate to reach the end of the story that you conveniently skip a couple of chapters. However, when you do get to the end, you're left with this icky, restless feeling, and you know you need to go back to those missing chapters before closing the book!

An excerpt from Almost Single by Advaita Kala.....
She talks about broken relationships here.............


Happy birthday Keshi!

By Friendly Stranger

Wishing dear KESHI a colorful birthday and a great life ahead!


Here I am!

By Friendly Stranger

Thanks to dear Aayushi for tagging me to talk about me!
So here we go!

I am : Someone who doesn't know who he is!

I know: That I think I know everything.....

I want : To rule India...tired of watching Buddhe log ruling a young nation......

I have : Nice people around who make my day....

I wish : to know who am I.

I hate : Show-off, selfish people, and Liars....

I miss : A lot of people and things I don't really want to talk about...I miss my college days too!

I fear : terrorists(Nowadays everybody does! :D)

I feel : that the life is quite simple to live, we make it complex by our acts...

I hear : everyone talking about competition and rat race....WTF!

I smell: a rat(When somebody is simply trying ti give reasons!)

I crave: for love!

I search: for people like me(difficult task! Sometimes I feel like I'm a Unique piece! Damn google doesn't help here....)

I wonder: Where I would have been if I wouldn't have let people use me....

I regret: for wasting so much of time!

I m not : really an everyday guy you come across!

I believe: in supreme power!

I dance: As if I'm trying to get out of a room full of reptiles! LOL!

I sing: in front of sleep-deprived people!LOL!

I cry : What is that?

I don’t always: follow the same routine! Need to be disciplined....LOL!

I fight: With my own brain!

I write: Crap! LOL

I win: Hearts!

I lose: to see others winning!

I never: let my ego hurt anybody....

I always: try to keep everyone happy and finally end up hurting myself!

I confuse: everyone around!

I listen : to my inner voice calling me all the time like ICICI bank telecallers do! LOL

I can usually be found: thinking!

I m scared: of being lonely!

I need: to use my potential people around me always talk about....

I am happy about: my beautiful life!

I imagine: the world full of fun and peace!

I hope you know me better now!
I tag:- Aditi & Amol!

Happy blogging!



By Friendly Stranger

I used to be an agnostic, but now I'm not so sure.


On Being Famous!

By Friendly Stranger

"It took me fifteen years to discover that I had no talent for writing,
but I couldn't give up because by that time I was too famous."
-- Robert Benchly


Wrong Numbers!

By Friendly Stranger

How come wrong numbers are never busy?



By Friendly Stranger

"What's another word for Thesaurus?"
-- Steven Wright



By Friendly Stranger


Selective gravity!

By Friendly Stranger

Law of Selective Gravity:
An object will fall so as to do the most damage.

Mayur's Corollary:
The chance of the bread falling with the buttered side down is
directly proportional to the cost of the carpet.



By Friendly Stranger

If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of Insurance premiums!


Rat Race

By Friendly Stranger

Remember, even if you win the rat race -- you're still a rat!


Healing the wound

By Friendly Stranger

If time heals all wounds, how come the belly button stays the same?


Be yourself!

By Friendly Stranger

The man who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the
crowd. The man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no
one has ever been.
-- Alan Ashley-Pitt



By Friendly Stranger

Experience is that marvelous thing that enables
you recognize a mistake when you make it again.
-- Franklin Jones



By Friendly Stranger

We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon.
-- Dr. Konrad Adenauer



By Friendly Stranger

Never pay a compliment as if expecting a receipt.



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Utility is when you have one telephone, luxury is when you have two,
opulence is when you have three -- and paradise is when you have none.
-- Doug Larson



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Don't let your mind wander -- it's too little to be let out alone.


Today's quote

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You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely.