It has been a long judaii since I took a break from blogging. I had an intention of prioritizing the stuff in my hand and I felt like blogging was way behind in the list. But I was wrong! I failed to understand a simple principle that nothing can be as important as expressing yourself! I missed the very vital thing by going away from blogsville which turned out to be going away from myself. So here I'm! Back in my own shoes....back to happyness.....back to life and back to the service of this wonderful space with wonderful people around!
I've something to tell. This is not something I inherited from somebody else. This is truely my own. I'd been to my doctor today. To my surprise, he has asked me to go through some tests which are not common to common guy like me. He suspects it's hypertension or it could also be a damage to kidney or it could be nothing. This is neither a bollywood flick nor something I'm jotting down to see the number of visitors to my blog shooting up. For my doctor, this could be a normal thing but for me this is a life-altering experience.
I've had a wonderful life and still having it. 176 cms and 66 kgs is not something one would widen his/ her eyes at. I'm one of those guys who proudly present Body type: Atheletic, smoking:no, drinking: no on my orkut profile and so is it. Good sense of humor and love to laugh are some points I would surely keep at the beginning in the list if somebody asks me to paint my picture. Jolly good fella is something everyone thinks and would think about me and I too am not an exception to that.
Isn't the equation hypertensed mayur sound odd or exagerated? At first, it sounded to me like a song on a planet 3000 light years apart. But few hours past, after a great deal of head scratching, I know the equation could be as perfect as german manufacturing or as perfect as cover drive from Dravid.
Apart from body type, there is also a filed named food on my orkut profile which about variety of food I like and how proud I'm about being gluttonous. This is the catch. I just got to know that the average age at which a person gets exposed to hypertension is around 47 years(Thanks to google). This means I beated the average by 24 years. This may mean I consumed in 23 years of my life what people usually take 47 years to consume. Or this may mean somebody got exposed to hypertension @ 71 to keep the average balanced. This could mean that I would have to be on balancing medication for rest of my life. Or, as I said this could mean nothing.
This is kind of butterfly effect. I kept on exploiting my tasting senses thinking that it won't harm me as far as it doesn't add to my weight. I could be wrong......
If it turns out to be a damage to kidney, I'm sure somebody else would be always ready to pay for my mistakes if they get a chance to do so. And they would be none other than my parents. Pray that it won't happen.
If it means nothing, the efforts I put on CAT and MBA admission test preperation over last few months would yield a result.
That's it! I didn't want to make a sad comeback and I don't want you people to take sad things out of this. I'm writing this purely with a hope that my experience could stimulate someone change the way as it did to me.
So chill tests are due today......whatever the result may be, I'm glad this experience has made me think seriously about my life.
See you buddies!