After a series of quotable quotes, I felt I wanted to bare my mind.....
Last few days were pretty busy for me as I was going through a lot of complementary psychotherapy (I mean a great deal of thinking!). I am pretty serious these days with my career thing. (Especially when I calculate the number of years *read incarnations* it will take for me to buy a house in Mumbai considering my pretty bank statements !).
So I decided to come up with something light and crispy. They say that the one who can laugh at himself is the happiest person in the world so I decided to write about what I am- An IT professional. While looking out for a name for this series, many people around insisted me to start it with K as it's a good sign so here comes Koding kaa mara- A brand new soap on the blogsville(Wouldn't last for years and generations though!)


I agree that being an IT professional pays good enough to have a cricket team of kids(All I mean to say is IT guys earn more than enough to feed their family!*Girls out there, I'm not married yet. Forget about my kids!*) but when you relocate to a city like Mumbai, read about growing inflation everyday in newspapers, see the shaky picture of IT companies and hear heavily crafted words like downsizing, you are left with only 3 options:-
1) Go through classifieds daily to find out if some rich-dad is willing to adopt a son!

2) Look for a rich willing-to-be dad-in-law first and keep trying for his daughter!

3) Get an MBA....(I have started writting my surname as $ontakke instead of Sontakke since the time I started thinking of an MBA! LOL)

First option:-

I started my gold-rush a few days back. People around me started wondering how come I started reading 6 newspapers a day out of the blue? I don't care....
So I got 3 big shot people willing to adopt a son to look at their business empire....I called all of them and fixed my appointments...
Being big-shots, google had all the information about them popping up just after some finger-keyboard intimacy and a mouse click!
Again, being an IT professional, I'm so good at so-called customization that I chose a different way to present myself before everyone of the 3 depending on their Requirements ..(Err....preferances! IT sucks!)
So there I was, ready for my first interaction. I went to meet him(again, being an IT guy, I'm pro at interviews! LOL). Watchman asked me to have a sit on the bench in the garden. (Yahaan bhi bench?) I saw 4 other IT guys out there. I was curious if the wannabe father is looking for pandavas! We pandavas started talking about softwares, outsourcing, platforms, codes and gadgets instead of bow and arrow....(Surprisingly there was no Non-IT guy lined up to change his surname...I guess guys other than IT ones are just fine with it!). The gorgeous secretary of dear papa walked in and apologized for our rejection! (Guess they have this 60% criteria here too!) What a rude shock! Felt like windows crashed while preparing a project report! She clarified that the big daddy is not willing to adopt a son from IT background as he is afraid of attrition. Who knows, one day, his adopted son will run away to another daddy after claiming rights on big daddy's wealth (surname attrition!) like microsoft claims that open source technologies violates it's patents.
I thought I still had 2 chances and 2 more options as well.........

So guys, keep reading for more fun......picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!

P.S -> This is an imaginary flick so take it lightly. I'm sure NASSCOM will sue me for this! LOL. I pre-apologize if somebody feels it's too personal(After long hours of work under a skeptical boss, I can understand IT guys are the most emotional and depressed species in this world! LOL....). The aim of this series is to have fun...so enjoy!