Thanks to dear Aayushi for tagging me to talk about me!
So here we go!

I am : Someone who doesn't know who he is!

I know: That I think I know everything.....

I want : To rule India...tired of watching Buddhe log ruling a young nation......

I have : Nice people around who make my day....

I wish : to know who am I.

I hate : Show-off, selfish people, and Liars....

I miss : A lot of people and things I don't really want to talk about...I miss my college days too!

I fear : terrorists(Nowadays everybody does! :D)

I feel : that the life is quite simple to live, we make it complex by our acts...

I hear : everyone talking about competition and rat race....WTF!

I smell: a rat(When somebody is simply trying ti give reasons!)

I crave: for love!

I search: for people like me(difficult task! Sometimes I feel like I'm a Unique piece! Damn google doesn't help here....)

I wonder: Where I would have been if I wouldn't have let people use me....

I regret: for wasting so much of time!

I m not : really an everyday guy you come across!

I believe: in supreme power!

I dance: As if I'm trying to get out of a room full of reptiles! LOL!

I sing: in front of sleep-deprived people!LOL!

I cry : What is that?

I don’t always: follow the same routine! Need to be disciplined....LOL!

I fight: With my own brain!

I write: Crap! LOL

I win: Hearts!

I lose: to see others winning!

I never: let my ego hurt anybody....

I always: try to keep everyone happy and finally end up hurting myself!

I confuse: everyone around!

I listen : to my inner voice calling me all the time like ICICI bank telecallers do! LOL

I can usually be found: thinking!

I m scared: of being lonely!

I need: to use my potential people around me always talk about....

I am happy about: my beautiful life!

I imagine: the world full of fun and peace!

I hope you know me better now!
I tag:- Aditi & Amol!

Happy blogging!